30 Day Challenge program

Week 1 | Day 7

Long Day

Time: 55 minutes.
“The last mile is always the least crowded.” — James Clear

Today is about going the distance. Don’t worry about speed. And just a little reminder – we want running to be something you look forward to! So grab a friend, go to a park, or a new trail. Use this workout not only as a way to practice long-distance running and building cardiovascular strength but also as a time to explore! Get outside, be inspired by nature, and enjoy.

  • ~55 minutes
  • Out your front door
  • A familiar bike path
  • Explore someplace new!
Warm Up
  • Air Squats: 30 seconds
  • Leg Swings & Lunges: 30 seconds per leg
  • Arm Swings: 30 seconds
Main Workout: 45 minutes
  • Easy Run
  • Alternate Running and Walking
  • Walk or Hike
Cool Down
  • 5 minute follow along video with Coach Holly
  • Squat Hold to relax the hips, back and glutes
  • Downward Dog to Upward Dog flow to stretch the shoulders, calves and abs
  • Pigeon Pose to relax the hips and groin
  • Childs Pose to quiet the mind and stretch the lats


  • Warm Up
    Air Squats

    Leg Swings & Lunges

    Arm Swings

    • 2 minutes
    • Air Squats: 30 seconds
    • Leg Swings and Lunges: 30 seconds per leg
    • Arm Swings: 30 seconds
  • Main Set

    Focus: Remember to keep good hip position and tall posture

    • 45 minutes
    • If 45 minutes seems daunting, break it up. For example, run for 3 minutes, walk for 1 minute, then repeat.
    • Just keep moving forward
    • If you have a metronome, count how many times one leg hits the ground in a minute. 85 to 90 steps per minute is a good cadence to work with. Use this every once in a while, especially when you feel fatigued. This will keep your run consistent and help you stay stronger as you tire.
  • Cool Down

    • 5 minutes
    • Squat Hold: 1 minute
    • Downward Dog to Upward Dog: 1 minute
    • Pigeon Pose: 1 minute each leg
    • Child’s Pose with Lat Stretch: 1 minute