Beginner Running Program

Week 1 | BRP Day1

Baseline Workout

Time: 20 minute.

Today is Day 1 of your 30-day journey towards feeling great, running strong, and staying healthy. To see your progress over the next month, today is about establishing a baseline of your current fitness.

You’ll be surprised what you’ll be able to do in 30 days time!

The goal is to perform the pushups and core exercise immediately after your run!

Walk, Run/Walk, or Run (20 min)

The goal is to cover as much distance as possible in that 20 minute period!

  • Note what you did (run, run/walk, or walk) and how it felt (easy, hard, good, bad)
  • Note location and “course” (around the block, trail, treadmill?) and time of day.


Pushups (max reps in 30 seconds)

Rest about 5 minutes after your run. Perform as many high-quality pushups as possible in 30 seconds!

  • Keep your belly and butt squeezed tight
  • Keep your elbows in by your side
  • Hips and chest touch the ground
  • Note how many you did, how you modified them, and how they felt!


The pushup is a good test of posture, it strengthens our core and stabilizes our arm swing.  All of this is important as a runner and as an athlete.

How to Modify Pushups & Burpees

  • Modify by lowering from your toes, pressing up from your knees.
  • Modify by shortening range of motion (go half way down).
  • Modify by elevating your hands to a bench or low table.


Hollow Body Hold (as long as you can)

The “king” core exercise and the most important one to master for your health and your running!

  • Press that low back into the ground!
  • When the low back arches off the ground, the exercise is over.
  • Modify by bending one or both knees, and by bringing arms in by your side.
  • Note how long you held it, what style you held, and how it felt