Beginner Running Program

Week 4 | BRP Day23

Rest Day

Recovery is the key to success. It’s true with anything, not just working out. We have all felt burned out at times, at work or with life in general. The solution is some kind of recovery. Take a cat nap. Go see a movie. And try out these mobility recovery exercises that target your glutes and hips!

Foam Rolling Glutes & Hips

Glutes are important for stabilizing and supplying run to your stride

Sit on the foam roller with one side of the butt

Relax the leg out to one side and work on the tight spots

There is no wrong way to roll it out.

Try lacrosse balls for a deeper self-massage

Hip Pigeon Stretch

Hips are important for the rotation in your body when you run

On you knees, put one leg all the way back and put your opposite foot underneath

Leaning forward should give you a good stretch in the hips

Try 2 minutes on each side and your glutes and hips will thank you.