Beginner Running Program

Week 4 | BRP Day27

Cross Training Day

Your body will thank you for today’s workout. It will accelerate recovery and strengthen your core for perfect run form! Try adding some time to the intervals or challenging your self some more with each exercise. In a race, the top runners always push hard as they near the finish line. You’re nearing the finish line to this 30 day challenge, so keep up the strong efforts!


  • Step 1: Warm up Arm & Leg Circles

    Leg Swings -Arms Circles

  • Step 2: Single Leg Balance

    Stand on one leg with your butt and belly tight, standing tall – Stay balanced for 20-60 seconds – Balance on each foot two time each -Challenge yourself by changing your perspective, looking up and side to side

  • Step 3: Downward Dog to Upward Dog

    Time to stretch out those hips, hamstrings and lower back – Start in a downward dog position/ similar to pushup position but with your hips up high – From this position, bring your chest to the ground and round out to the upward dog position – Make sure to keep your elbows in tight, chest tall, belly tight to protect that lower back – For a challenge, try reversing the same motion from the upward dog to the downward dog -5-10 times for a good stretch

  • Step 4: Spine Rotation Downward dog

    Start in that downward dog position and bring up your leg, -Cross your lifted leg over to the opposite side to feel that spinal rotation

  • Step 5: Scorpion Spinal Rotation

    – Drop down on your belly and spread your arms out – Perform that same leg cross from that laying position. Perform each leg cross 5 times. Focus: Keep your belly tight, don’t go too deep into the stretch if you feel pain the low back or hips.

  • Step 6: Hollow and Arch Rock/ Core Work Tabata Style

    Hollow Body hold: -Table top position on your back with your lower back pressed in the ground and knees bent at 90 degrees/ hips just off the ground – Already you will feel your core activated – Stick one leg out with your toe pointing, then one arm, then the other leg and other arm Arch Body hold: – Slowly pull your thighs and chest off the ground -Roll over on your stomach with hips pressed to the ground – Keep your butt tight, arms out and legs out off the ground Preform these two holds tabata style. This means: -Hold the Hollow body for 20 seconds then rest for 10, -Hold the arch body for 20 seconds and rest for 10.Repeat 4 times for a total of 4 minutes

  • Step 7: Planks and Side Planks Tabata Style

    – Start in push-up position, fingers spread and butt tight – Lift a leg or arm to make the plank more of a challenge – Side plank: roll over on one side keeping that plank position -You now are supporting yourself with one arm and your legs – Try and drop down to your elbow and stagger your feet for more balance Regular Plank: 20 sec rest for 10 Post up on left arm side plank: 20sec, rest 10 Post up on right arm side plank: 20sec, rest 10 Repeat three of each

  • Step 8: Breathing

    Lay down and place one hand on chest and one hand on belly -take a few breaths – Think about breathing in this order -Belly first -To mid chest -To chest …and back -Chest -Mid Chest -Belly Focus: Relax and really concentrate and how you breathe.

    *PSST… Nate mis-peaks in this breathing video. He says “chest, mid-chest, chest” when he really means “belly, mid-chest, chest.”