Beginner Running Program

Week 3 | BRP Day17

Drill Day

Time: 20-25 min.

By this point, you are probably feeling some little aches and pains. That is ok! This is the beauty of being active and moving our bodies like they are made to move. We become more in touch with how we should feel and we make improvements based on our weaknesses. Today, we are focusing on how to control a natural body rotation. As runners, our upper and lower body naturally rotate, flex, and extend with each step. Do you ever come back from your run and notice scuff marks on your calves? This means that you are rotating too much while running. It’s time to resolve this common problem and focus on finding the sweet spot of just enough rotation!


  • Workout

    Duration: 20-25 min

    Location: Park, track, or around the block

  • Warm Up

    Jog for 5-10 minutes

    Do some Arm and Leg Swings to warm up.

  • Focus

    Jog 10-20 feet and focus on what your shoulders and hips are doing.

    Now try putting your arms straight out and run 10-20 feet again.

    Notice that your instinct to resist rotation in the hips and shoulders is stronger.

    Run normally back to where you started.

    Now run 10-20 feet with your arms extended in front of you with your palms together

    This shows how much you should be engaging your core to keep rotation at a minimum when you’re running!

  • Cool Down

    Jog 3-5 min.