Beginner Running Program

Week 1 | BRP Day 2

Rest Day

Take it easy today, maybe buy some new running clothes for the rest of your program. Try to avoid excess stress and busy errands if you can!

Try the foam roller and couch stretch too!

Couch Stretch

The quads are a main driver in running, and throughout these 30 days they WILL feel sore and a little beat up. This static couch stretch targets both your tight quads and hips, helping with the recovery when you get back on the road.

This is a static stretch, which means we will want to take our time and relax into it to get the full benefits.

• Start on all fours with your shin vertical to the couch.
• Pull your foot (opposite of the one on the couch) up into a lunge position and you should feel the stretch already.
• For a deeper stretch, bring your upper body up tall.

Hold each side for 2 minutes

*Remember for the perfect stretch, keep your back straight and squeeze your butt!

Foam Rolling Quads

Quads and IT bands are powerful and they take a lot of beating while running, especially up and down hills. So grab your foam roller and let’s get to work!

If you have pain in your hip, lower back or knee, chances are it has something to do with the muscles surrounding these areas. A properly recovered quad can help offset this pain.

As runners, there are three ways we should roll out our quads.

• Rolling back and forth along the outside of the thigh (the IT band) starting from the hip and ending at the knee.
• Rolling back and forth on the front of the thigh, face down, shaking your heel back and forth as you roll from hip to knee.
• Rolling the inside of the leg (the groin area) by bending your leg at the hip and rolling back and forth.

For a deeper stretch, try bringing the heel of the leg you are stretching to your butt. You should feel a much deeper stretch as you shift the position and flexion of your quads.

These recovery exercises may cause discomfort, but trust us, they will help you in the long run (no pun intended).