Beginner Running Program

Week 2 | BRP Day10

Drill Day

Time: 17-22 min.

You’re well on the way to becoming a better runner and feeling great. Today we keep moving forward. The focus is on your upper body and your shoulders. Believe it or not, we run with our arms too! Keep up the good work!


  • Focus

    Have your arms at a 90-degree angle at your sides while swinging.

    Don’t let your arms cross the center of your body, and keep the range of motion consistent.

    Keep your arm swing controlled, and don’t let your upper body twist with each swing.

    Keep your shoulders and traps loose and relaxed.

  • Warmup

    Start with a brisk walk

    Arm circles starting small and progressing to 10-15 larger ones

    Arm hugs, 10-15. Feel the stretch in your back and your chest opening.

  • Drill

    We are connecting our pushups to our arms swings!

    For the push-up, keep your knuckles under your shoulders, tip forward on your shoulders, with butt and tummy tight.

    Perform 3-5 pushups, and then run 10-20 feet while focusing on your arms and how they swing.

    Repeat this pushup-to-short-run drill 5-7 times, and then carry on with a 10-minute run focusing on the proper arm swing.