Beginner Running Program

Week 1 | BRP Day5

Interval Day

Let’s face it: life is filled with discomforts. Waking up to that alarm, dealing with that stubborn co-worker, doing laundry, etc. But here at TRE, we like to stay positive! Often times overcoming these discomforts can be very rewarding, right?

This workout will help you find the rewarding side of running! Interval running is short bursts of higher intensity running. It should be tough, but running fast can be fun, and it will bring you one step closer to really enjoying your run experience!


  • Warmup

    Duration: 5 min

    Start with a brisk walk followed by:

      • Arm circles, starting small and progressing to 10-15 larger ones.
      • Arm hugs, 10-15. Feel the stretch in your back and your chest opening.
      • Inchworm, 5 times. Go for a push-up when in plank position if you’re feeling strong!

    Try some dynamic hip stretches too:

    Leg swings:

    • Post up and balance on your right leg.
    • Stay tall with belly and butt tight.
    • Swing leg back and forth using hamstring and butt to kick heel back and forth without extending the knee or arching the back.
    • Kick higher to feel the stretch 10-20 times.

    Hip Circles:

    •Swing leg back into a lunge and put both hands on the ground.
    • Drop hip and elbow to the ground sinking lower to get deep into the hip, groin, and butt.
    • Rotate your hips in a circle to hit different places in the hip and surrounding muscles, 5-10 times.

  • Workout: Interval Running

    Duration: 20-35+ min

    Location: Local track would be great for this one

  • Focus

    Remember what you learned on drill day and try to keep that tall posture as you get tired on those fast sets. Hips forward!

  • Mainset

    For the intervals, you’re going to run 30 seconds, walk 30 seconds, and then repeat this 4 more times for a total of 5. Walk for 2-3 minutes to recover before doing the 5 run/walk intervals one more time!

    2 x (5 x 0:30 run / 0:30 walk)

    2-3 minutes walking rest between sets

    Goal: Stay smooth. Stay consistent.

  • Cool Down

    3-5 minute walk/jog