Beginner Running Program

Week 2 | BRP Day15

Long Day

Time: 30-35 min.

The goal is to keep a steady pace for 30-35 min. Bringing a friend along is a good idea for this one because you should be able to pass the talk test. This means that while running you should be able to hold conversation without feeling breathless. If running the whole time is still a struggle, try breaking it up like you may have done last week, but increase the amount of time you run or decrease the amount of time you walk. Remember to explore, breathe some fresh air, and enjoy every step!


  • Workout

    Long run at an easy pace

    Duration: 30-35 min

    Location: Park trails, the beach, neighborhood or wherever you want to go!

  • Focus

    Keep in mind what we learned about the arm swing, keeping it controlled and not crossing the center line. Also, remember to stay tall with your hips forward.

  • The Run

    If 30-35 minutes seems daunting, think about breaking it up. (E.g. run for 5 minutes, walk for 1 min)

    Just keep moving forward!

    If you can, count how many times one leg hits the ground in a minute. 90 steps per minute is a good pace to work with. Use this every once in a while, especially when you feel fatigued.