Beginner Running Program

Week 3 | BRP Day22

Long Day

Time: 35-40 minutes.

Long day number 3! Remember, today is not about speed but about going the distance. But don’t focus on just finishing the run, focus on the journey along the way. Think about how many breaths you take between each step and try to stay consistent even as you fatigue. Listen to your favorite playlist. Find a new trail or go back to one you really like. Reach a point of rhythm and a state of zen with this workout. See if you can find that elusive runner’s high that so many runners claim to experience. It’s real.


  • Workout

    Longer Run, Alternative: Long Hike or walk.

    Duration: 35-40 minutes

    Location: You choose! Go explore.

  • Focus

    Remember to keep good hip position and tall posture

  • The Run

    If 35-40 minutes seems daunting, think about breaking it up ex. run for 3 minutes, walk for 1

    Just keep moving forward!

    Keep in mind what you’ve learned about posture and hip position.

    If you have a metronome, count how many times one leg hits the ground in a minute.

    • 90 steps per minute is a good pace to work towards.

    • Use this every once in a while, especially when you feel fatigued

    • This will keep your run consistent and help you stay stronger as you fatigue.