Beginner Running Program

Week 3 | BRP Day16

Rest Day

De-stress, clear the schedule, get a good night’s sleep, and recover right. It can’t be emphasized enough how important rest is in the pursuit of athletic progress. It’s a common misconception that constant straining of the muscles and mind is the only way to improve. It’s all about the balance between hard efforts and solid recovery. Today is especially important because at this point in the program you might be feeling fatigued. So, take advantage of this rest day, watch that new Netflix show, and try out a few of today’s recovery exercises while you’re at it.

Thoracic Spine Foam Rolling

Keep your posture in check with this thoracic spine and shoulder opener.

Lie with the foam roller under your back, keeping the belly tight, and rolling back and forth around the shoulder blades.

Spend 2-3 minutes here.

Try also setting up on your side and rolling out your underarm and tricep area, and even down toward the ribcage.

Don’t forget to do both sides!

T-Spine Part II

For a deeper stretch, grab two lacrosse balls and use them in the same way as you would the roller.

Child Pose Lat Stretch

Sit on your heels and fold over into Child’s Pose.
Reach your arms out and press your head down to feel the stretch in your upper back and shoulder area.

Try reaching both arms out to one side to stretch your lats and one whole side of your body.