Beginner Running Program

Week 3 | BRP Day20

Cross Training Day

Time: 30-40 min.


  • Movement and Restoration

    Duration: 30-40 min

    Location: Local park or the living room

    Today’s cross train day is like last week. Think of today as a something like a Yoga day. It should be a workout but it should also be rejuvenating and almost meditative. You may be thinking, why don’t I run more if I want to be a better runner. Well we know you’re eager to improve, but trust us. Mobility, flexibility, balance and strength are all just as important to becoming a better athlete and feeling great overall. Enjoy it!


  • Step 1: Warm up Arm & Leg Circles

    Leg Swings -Arms Circles


  • Step 2: Single Leg Balance

    Stand on one leg with your butt and belly tight, standing tall – Stay balanced for 20-60 seconds – Balance on each foot two time each -Challenge yourself by changing your perspective, looking up and side to side.

  • Step 3: Downward Dog to Upward Dog

    Time to stretch out those hips, hamstrings and lower back – Start in a downward dog position/ similar to pushup position but with your hips up high – From this position, bring your chest to the ground and round out to the upward dog position – Make sure to keep your elbows in tight, chest tall, belly tight to protect that lower back – For a challenge, try reversing the same motion from the upward dog to the downward dog -5-10 times for a good stretch

  • Step 4: Spine Rotation Downward dog

    Start in that downward dog position and bring up your leg, -Cross your lifted leg over to the opposite side to feel that spinal rotation stretch

  • Step 5: Scorpion Spinal Rotation

    – Drop down on your belly and spread your arms out – Perform that same leg cross from that laying position. Perform each leg cross 5 times. Focus: Keep your belly tight, don’t go too deep into the stretch if you feel pain in the spine

  • Step 6: Hollow and Arch Rock/ Core Work Tabata Style

    Hollow Body hold: -Table top position on your back with your lower back pressed in the ground and knees bent at 90 degrees/ hips just off the ground – Already you will feel your core activated – Stick one leg out with your toe pointing, then one arm, then the other leg and other arm Arch Body hold: – Slowly pull your thighs and chest off the ground -Roll over on your stomach with hips pressed to the ground – Keep your butt tight, arms out and legs out off the ground Preform these two holds tabata style. This means: -Hold the Hollow body for 20 seconds then rest for 10, -Hold the arch body for 20 seconds and rest for 10. -Repeat 4 times for a total of 4 minutes

  • Step 7: Planks and Side Planks Tabata Style

    – Start in push-up position, fingers spread and butt tight – Lift a leg or arm to make the plank more of a challenge – Side plank: roll over on one side keeping that plank position -You now are supporting yourself with one arm and your legs – Try and drop down to your elbow and stagger your feet for more balance Regular Plank: 20 sec rest for 10 Post up on left arm side plank: 20sec, rest 10 Post up on right arm side plank: 20sec, rest 10 Repeat three of each.

  • Step 8: Breathing

    Lay down and place one hand on chest and one hand on belly -take a few breaths – Think about breathing in this order -Belly first -To mid chest -To chest …and back -Chest -Mid Chest -Belly Focus: Relax and really concentrate and how you breathe.

    *PSST… Nate mis-peaks in this breathing video. He says “chest, mid-chest, chest” when he really means “belly, mid-chest, chest.”