Beginner Running Program

Week 2 | BRP Day9

Rest Day

Are you feeling sore? If you are, then great! Yes, it’s uncomfortable but it means you’re growing stronger. But part of making progress and becoming a better runner is recovery. Today, keep it low key, put your feet up, take a salt bath, and relax! Try some of these recovery exercises to ease the soreness.

Calf Foam Rolling

Our calves take a beating when we run, so let’s take care of them. Grab your foam roller and line it up in the middle of your calf. Move your leg back and forth to work different muscles thoroughly.

Spend about 5-6 minutes on each calf.

Deep Squat Ankle Flexion

Put your feet close together and sit low in a deep squat, stretching out those Achilles. Try rolling up on your toes and slowly pulling your heels back down. Shift back and forth from your left to right ankle. If your hips are too tight to sit low in a squat position, try one leg at a time with the other extended out back behind you. This is similar to the hip circle warm-up exercise.