Beginner Running Program

Week 4 | BRP Day 24

Drill Day

Time: 23-28 minutes.

How do we run really? Well, to put it simply it’s kinda like riding a bike. There are pushing and pulling aspects to our run. We push off the ground and we pull our leg back up to complete the motion of a stride. Today for your run we have a few drills to keep in mind. This should really help you tie in all you’ve learned so far about posture and staying relaxed while running. By the way, welcome to your final week of the Beginner Running Program! Still a little more work to do. But you’re doing great!


  • Workout

    Duration: 23-28 minutes

    Location: Your local track, or around the block.

  • Warm up

    Jog for 5 min

  • Focus

    Perform the motion of running on one leg, kind of like runnning in place but only on one leg. Pushing off the ground and the pulling back up. Sort of like riding a bike. 5-10 times per leg

    Now jog in place and focus on the pulling aspect, pull your leg straight up underneath you, splitting the difference between a high knee and a butt kick, stay tall and connected to prevent the upper body from moving too much.

    Start to run focusing on the pulling of one leg individually

    After you get a feel for these pushing and pulling mechanisms, continue on your run for the time remaining