Marathon Program

Week 15 | Marathon Day 100

Drills & Hills

Time: 35-55+ minutes..
Week 3 of  drills and hills and you’ll notice a slight drop in volume this week. We’re getting to the point of the program where most of the hay’s in the barn and less can be a lot more! Stay on top of all those nagging aches and pains. Pay attention to your recovery and energy levels and run according to what you need.
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  • Warm up

    Run 10 minutes building from an easy to moderate pace. Posture, cadence, and breathing focus per usual! This is also a great time to clear your head from the stresses of the day and really focus on your task at hand!

    TIP: if you run regularly with headphones, take them out every once in a while and LISTEN to your feet ????

  • Get Moving

    3-5 minutes of a dynamic warmup goes a long way! Especially at this stage in the game!

    Squat: 10-20 times going from wide to narrow stance.

    Hip Circles: 10 in each direction per side.

    Downward Dog to Pushup: 5-10

  • Drills

    This drill sequence will keep your running sharp and focused in this last month. Not only designed to “wake you up” these drills add a conditioning element, especially for your feet and ankles. Choose an ~10-20 meter section of a path or better yet go barefoot in a grassy field!

    Toe Walking: 1/3 each of the section, walk toes straight, toes turned in, and toes turned out.

    Heel Walking: 1/3 each of the section, walk toes straight, toes turned in, and toes turned out.

    High Knees: 50% high knee the first pass. 75-100% high knee the 2nd pass.

    Butt Kicks: 50% butt kick the first pass. 75-100% butt kick the 2nd pass.

    Carioca: big hip rotation as you step over and under laterally facing each direction.

    High Skips: skip progressively higher with big arm circles forwards first pass, and backwards arm circles the second pass. Skip high and swing big!

  • Run

    Run the remainder of the time at a steady to moderate pace over rolling to hilly terrain. Every 5 minutes include a set of one running drill that you need to work on the most, i.e. probably the one that feels the most awkward ????

  • Advanced Run

    Threshold Run

    2 miles EZ
    Walk 2 min
    3 Rounds
    12 min (Target Pace: Half Marathon -10sec/mile)
    3 min Active Recovery between rounds
    Walk 2 min
    2 miles EZ

    Miles: 9

Cooldown & Mobility

Cool down with 3 minutes easy running or walking

3-5 minutes per leg rolling out your quads and IT bands.

***The run isn’t “over” until you finish your mobility***