Marathon Program

Week 14 | Marathon Day 96

Rest & Pistol Challenge

Week 2 of your rest and recovery and we’ll be getting back to your pistol mobility challenge as well as discuss more important pre-race strategies to consider. Remember training is one half of the equation. Your ability to execute on race day is the other side!

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  • Pre-Race Strategies

    Now that you’re figuring out what you like to eat, and what you’ll use on race day, we next need to discuss the other points of your fueling plan.

    How much are you going to eat and when? There is an enormous range here of strategies, so the good news is that you can take a lot of different approaches and be successful. What’s important is that you CHOOSE one approach and practice it again, and again, and again!

    But a good place to start? Aim to eat something every 45 minutes for starters (and as needed later on). Continue to sip on fluids as much as possible throughout the run, especially when hot out. So every 10-20 minutes.

  • Pistol Challenge

    Now that you’ve practiced the narrow squat, we’re going to get closer to that pistol…by sticking one leg out to the side and holding on to something for support! Practice a few kick outs per side and pay attention to a few things: is one side easier than the other? Is there any pain or funkiness? For those dealing with injuries, do you notice a connection between a stiff ankle (or hip) and an injury on that side of your body?

    Remember, your body will appreciate a little warmup before you jump into these suckers ????

  • Advanced Run

    4-6 miles easy.

    Per usual, today is not a day for pushing yourself. It is a day to shake out your legs and get ready for the long run!

    Total: 4-6 miles. 


10+ minutes working on something (because we all need a little work on something extra!)