Marathon Program

Week 10 | Marathon Day 68

Rest, Nutrition & Mobility

Today is a recovery and restorative day. By now you know just how important this day is for your big picture running lifestyle and success! It’s a day to move a little bit fore restoration purposes, but not moving too much to tax you mentally or physically in anyway.

Your squatting has improved by now that you’re ready for the ultimate challenge…testing and improving your overhead squat.

Remember, no overuse injury comes out of “no where”. Continue to listen to that body of yours by rolling out body parts that don’t necessarily hurt. Remember, healthy tissue should feel pressure but no pain. If you are a little sensitive in an area it’s a good sign you’re in a “pre-injured” state and need to do a little extra work!

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  • Hydration

    Drink according to when you are thirsty, novel idea we know! The notion of drinking to offset BW has no advantage. Drink when your body is thirsty and not just a minute before your run, hydrate all day everyday to prep your body for a week of running. If your runs are 60-90+ minute range, it’s important to drink along your run to prevent cardiac drift and dehydration.

  • Advanced Run

    4-6 miles Easy.

    Today is a day for you to shake out your legs and keep it under control. This is not a day to push it! Practice good warm-up routines. Practice good cool-down routines. Etc etc.

    Total: 4-6 miles.


Practice different variations of the OHS. How deep can you go? Do you lose your shoulders or your knees?

What’s your limiter and spend additional time working on that body part. For example, if your ankles are stiff (a common problem), revisit calf smashing, and the banded ankle distraction exercises you see in the injury prevention video series.