Marathon Program

Week 13 | Marathon Day 88

Tempo Intervals

Time: 55-70+ minutes.
Tempo work continues this week and month with some of your hardest most challenging tempo intervals yet! Approach these longer intervals a little conservatively so you can finish each one on a strong powerful note! This confidence and pacing practice carries right over for you racers out there :)Start at 1/2 marathon pace and focus on building to 10km pace or a little faster!

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  • Warm up

    Start of run stand tall with your hand on your belly and the other on your chest.

    Take 10 deep belly breaths.

    After that, head out for a 10 minute warm-up run, focusing on connecting your breathing with your stride.

  • Get Moving

    You warmup is KEY for performance in today’s temp run. Include:

    1 round: 10-20 leg swings + hip circles

    1 round: 10-20 arm swings + arm circles

    8 x 100 meters: alternate 1 running drill of choice on the odds + running with good posture/cadence on the evens.

    8 x 100 meters: alternate acceleration on the odds + easy run/walk on the evens.

    NOTE: Perfect to do on a track!

  • Run

    Run 3 x 15 minute tempo intervals (1/2 marathon to 10km pace). Rest ~3 minutes in between.

    Note your distance, rate of perceived exertion (RPE), and heart rate if you have it. Treat this like a race, i.e. do not hold back!

    Options: tempo runs can also be done on a track or a treadmill. Best to avoid stop signs and stop lights, and steeper hills in either direction.

  • Advanced Run

    5 Miles EZ

    3 Miles Moderate

    1 Mile Hard

    Total: 9 miles

Cool down & Mobility

5 minutes easy running/walking cool down

2-3+ minutes of foot rolling per side.

***Run is not finished until after you’ve done your mobility***