Marathon Program

Week 11 | Marathon Day 77

“Fun”?? Run & Cross Training Day

Not sure if this is still a fun run, but it is an important one as you’ll be learning to run on fatigued legs, especially after yesterday’s long run and a busy week of training.You WILL see some run drills incorporated into this run to keep you awake and alert and focusing on good movement.

Every 10 minutes you will visit some lateral shuffle and carioca and on other weeks some high knees and butt kicks.

Otherwise you still want a robust cross training day, getting some hills in hiking or bike riding or jumping in the pool for some quality laps.

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  • Today’s workout

    Run: 7-9 miles. Every 10 minutes include 15 lateral shuffle and 15 carioca each direction.

    Cross train: bike (hills), hike (hills), or swim (quality laps) for 60-90 minutes.

  • Advanced Run

    Easy Shakeout + Mechanical Speed Play

    30-60 min EZ shakeout (30 min if you are feeling beat up)
    Rest 5-10 min
    Rest 3 min between each

    • The 200m should be focused around restoring the spring-like feeling of running. High turnover, quick feet, powerful stride.
    • Use whatever pace needed to feel this (usually will be around mile pace).

    Total: 6-7 miles


There is no specified mobility work today but you know who you are if you need it, especially if you’re adding the fourth run in today.