Marathon Program

Week 7 | Marathon Day 47

Rest Sleep & Standing Challenge

Today is where you really get better. It’s hard to slow down in this world, but if you can learn how to do this well even once a week you’ll see the benefits extend way past running. So sorry, tell your friends you have to sleep in, skip that sweat-soaked SoulCycle class, and catch up on a little light reading.

Don’t worry though. We haven’t left you without anything to do. Each week we’ll be talking about a different aspect our favorite recovery-related topic: sleep!

Remember also people. OWN YOUR SH*T! The only effort you should exert today should be on ironing out all those hidden kinks in the body BEFORE they become a major problem.

Mobility is key to consistency, and consistency is key to a successful and fun running lifestyle.

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  • Sleeping Habits

    Turn the screen off 90 minutes before going to bed. We LIVE on our phones and online. Our brain is sent into overdrive with constant stimulus. The result? We have a hard time shutting down when we really need to. Go ahead and help yourself decompress with this simple but very powerful change of habit.

  • Standing Challenge

    That’s right. Even more time standing than sitting! Notice if you can take your phone calls standing up or walking around. You take more frequent stretch breaks. You take the stairs…You…get our drift ????

  • Advanced Run

    Optional 3-5 miles.

    Use your best judgement with today!


3+ minutes quad rolling

5+ minutes working on something (because we all need a little work on something extra!)