Marathon Program

Week 16 | Marathon Day 110

Rest & Pistol Challenge

Rest & Pistol Challenge

Week 4 of your final rest, recovery and pistol challenge. Well…not “final” rest day ever as you’ll be taking these new skills and habits with you going forward (right?).

If you are racing this weekend, things may look a little different depending on whether or not you’re racing Saturday or Sunday. So read below and develop your plan!

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  • Pre-Race Strategies

    You’re here and all done with your training ???? Today’s all about mentally rehearsing your race day (both the good and the potentially bad) and staying calm! Remember, if you’re nervous it just a sign that you care about the race and that you’ve put a lot of time in.

    Remember all the hard work you’ve done to this point and you are more than ready for the challenges ahead!

  • Pistol Challenge

    No kick outs today (lucky you), BUT you will be accumulating some time hanging out in that pistol position on each leg. Can you hold on for for 3 minutes per leg? We think you can!!!

    Remember, if you’re running tomorrow you may want to do some more dynamic warmup exercises as well as a short 5-10 minute run to shake out those pre race nerves and burn off some nervous energy. If you’re racing on Sunday you can treat this like a normal recovery day.


10+ minutes working on something (because we all need a little work on something extra!)