Marathon Program

Week 8 | Marathon Day 51

Posture, Breathing, & Armswing Drills

Time: 27-47 minutes..

Work continues this time with renewed focus not only on your arm swing but on the purpose of your entire upper body. That’s right we need to get that upper body in sync with the lower for maximal speed and efficiency!

Each week we’ll focus on a few different drills we introduced in the 30 DC and focus next on how they work together.

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  • Warm up

    Start by standing tall with a hand on your belly and a hand on your chest. Take 10 easy deep belly breaths.

    Warmup for 10 minutes. The first 5 minutes easy then 5 minutes up a notch at moderate pace.

    Continue to breath through your belly as much as possible.

    Can you connect your breathing with your cadence?

  • Get Moving

    Stop and perform:

    –10 arm circles forwards and back wards

    –10 arm swings

    –10 arm swings with hip & spine rotation

    –follow with a 10 downward dog & hip circle movements

  • Drills

    Today we’ll focus on the stable arm drill:

    Run 30 meters with arms straight out. 30 meters back running regular.

    Run 30m w arms out together. 30 meters back running regular.

    Run 30m with arms out together and no lateral movement. 30 meters back running regular.

    Repeat 3-5 times.

    Notice how engaged you have to be in the core. Notice how your arms swing’s job is to naturally resist this rotation allowing for better hip extension and better flow.

  • Run

    Every 7 minutes include 30m of this stable arm drill for the remainder of the run.

  • Advanced Run (Recovery Week)

    Easy Progression Run + Strides

    4 miles EZ

    2 miles Moderate

    Rest 3-5 min

    4x60m (or 10 second) Stride Outs

    Miles: 6-7


Cool down with 3 minutes easier running/walking

3 minutes on the couch stretch per leg

***The run isn’t “over” until you finish your mobility***