Marathon Program

Week 15 | Marathon Day 104

Distance Run

Time: 8-9 miles.

Congratulations you’ve made it through the worst of the training for sure. Today’s 8-9 miler is the last bit of distance you’ll see before you shut things down even more for this upcoming weeks taper week and recovery week.

Enjoy the run! Remember to start slow and easy and finish at race pace or faster 🙂

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  • Warm up

    After 10 minutes of a breathe-focused running warmup stop for the following.

  • Get Moving

    What’s YOUR favorite warmup routine? Now’s time to craft what you like the best and what works for you the best! Remember our favorite suggestions!

    Suggestion? One round: 10-20 leg swings, hip circles, arm swings and circles, and pushups, etc.

  • Run

    8-9 miles at an easy to moderate pace. You should be able to pass the “talk test”!

    Run 50”/walk 10” or another run/walk interval that works for you!

    Focus on your pacing and on your fueling strategy!

    Short walk breaks act as a posture re-set. If you stick w this we guarantee you’ll feel more connected and less beat up after these runs!

    On these longer runs its important to hydrate. What’s your strategy for “carrying”?

  • Advanced Run

    13-15 mile Long Run.

    Total: 13-15 miles

  • Post Run Recovery

    10 minutes legs up wall!

Cool down & Mobility

3 minutes of easy jogging and walking.

2-3 minutes couch stretch per leg.

2-3 minutes per side of additional work from the bonus section.