Marathon Program

Week 15 | Marathon Day 103

Rest & Pistol Challenge

Week 3 of your rest and recovery and we’ll be hitting pistol kick outs this time with less help and discussing your pacing plan. Sleep well and enjoy the time off your feet!
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  • Pre-Race Strategies

    By now you’re wondering how fast you should run your race in! Well based on your tempo runs and your long runs, and any other data points from the last few months such as other shorter races, we can begin to cobble together your projected time and your pacing plan!

    The biggest mistake new runners make: they get excited and run too fast in the early miles. Pretty straight forward, but still amazing how many runners (including myself) who make this one! So in your tempo and long runs, start slow and conservative and work on building your pace throughout. This will require discipline and focus but will be a good race day habit.

    After all, you play how you practice!

  • Pistol Challenge

    More pistol kick outs this week, but this time with less external assistance if possible. Of course, if you’re still feeling like last week’s challenge was more than sufficient, keep working there! Rome was not built in a day after all ????

  • Advanced Run

    4-6 miles easy.

    Take it out easy today. Maybe take some time to get on the trails? Go get em!

    Total: 4-6 miles. 


10+ minutes working on something (because we all need a little work on something extra!)