Marathon Program

Week 16 | Marathon Day 112

Fun Run

Week 4 of your fun run day. You’ve MADE IT to the last day of the program. Time flies we know, but we’re so pumped to have worked with you over these last few months. It’s pretty safe to say that you’re not the same runner when you started.

You’re stronger, more efficient, and a heck of a lot more mobile and injury proof. So take a moment (or two or three) to reflect back on all that you’ve learned and accomplished!

45-60 minutes of play, x-training, or running.

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    Run: Race day or post race or adventure!

    If you raced yesterday, enjoy that post race hobble ???? IF racing today, get it! It’ll be over before you know it! If you’re choosing your own adventure, be sure to do something epic and something special. Either way we want to know about so share with us your adventures online!!