Marathon Program

Week 11 | Marathon Day 72

Posture, Breathing, & Pulling Drills

Time: 38-58 minutes.

The deep dive into your running mechanics continues! Remember, we’re not reinventing the wheel here, but we are prioritizing quality time focusing on quality movement and running!

The upper body is SO important you’ll be spending more time with your arm swing. These next few weeks will not only underscore the importance of a relaxed fluid arm swing, but of conditioning in the upper body with that swing as well! So get ready for some standing sprints!

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  • Warm up

    Start by standing tall with a hand on your belly and a hand on your chest. Take 10 easy deep belly breaths in through your nose, out through your mouth.

    Warm up run for 10 minutes. The first 5 minutes should feel light, quick, and easy, but still focused. The next 5 minutes kick up the pace notch to a moderate pace.

    Continue to breath through your belly as much as possible. Can you connect your breathing with your cadence? Can you continue to breathe through your nose, and out through your mouth?

  • Get Moving

    By now we don’t need to convince you to warming up anymore. Right??? This simple approach to your dynamic warmup continues, but feel free to add or incorporate other moves that really speak to you. Remember, YOU are in charge at the end of the day ????

    Bend & Touch: stop running and continue warmup with a bend over and touch and reach back.

    Side Bend: side to side bend.

    Hips: follow with 5 high kick + lateral lunge in each direction.

  • Drills

    The standing sprint arm drill is the main focus for today, but feel free to revisit and incorporate some of the drills we worked on in month 1.

    Standing Arm Sprint: 4 rounds of 45 arm swings each side. Alternate rounds with left foot forward + right foot forward.

    REVISIT: (revisit month 1 for videos)

    Leg swing + Pull: this drill involves a standing leg swing + Pull. 10 each side.

    Pulling: 5 rounds: 30 meters run, pull 10 times on the right, pull 10 times on the left.

    As you pull your leg up, focus on being as tall and relaxed as possible. The taller and more relaxed the easier it is to pull!

  • Run

    Run the remainder of the time at a steady to moderate pace. Every 5 minutes include 10 arm swings on each side.

  • Advanced Run

    Cut-Down Target Pacing

    1 mile (Target: None. Keep it EZ)
    3 miles (Target: Marathon Pace), 3 min Active Recovery
    2 miles (Target: Marathon Pace), 3 min Active Recovery
    1 mile (Target: Marathon Pace)
    1 mile (Target: None. Keep it EZ)

    • Get some more time under goal specific marathon pace for upcoming race.
    • Active Recovery should be an EZ jog, not a shuffle.

    Miles: 7

Cooldown & Mobility

Cool down with 3 minutes easy running or walking

2 minutes on hamstring rolling per leg

***The run isn’t “over” until you finish your mobility***


  • Warmup

    1. Bend & Touch + Side Bends

    2. High Kick & Lateral Lunge

  • Drills

    3. Arm Swings

  • Mobility

    4. Hamstring Rolling