Marathon Program

Week 13 | Marathon Day 89

Rest Sleep & Standing Challenge

By now you KNOW the benefits of regular recovery. For those of you that have taken a disciplined approach to this day, you’ll notice that your other runs are improving, you’re still feeling energized in your training, and sickness, injury, and burnout are all kept down to a minimum.

If you happened to have (ahem) let a little extra training sneak in that’s ok too. In this last month, your rest and recovery will really make a difference for a strong finish!

We will also discuss important pre-race strategies for food and fueling and pacing in the weeks ahead.

Remember to use today to mobilize what’s tight and also to dive into our mobility challenge. This month it’s the ULTIMATE challenge: pistol squats 🙂

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  • Pre-Race Strategies

    By now you’ve all developed your favorite “go-to” meals to eat before and after your runs and more importantly the products you like to us on your runs, especially on the long runs. It’s equally important though to do your research and figure out what products are going to be offered on your race course so you can begin to practice using those products as well.

    Also…how many aid stations are on the course? Do you like/agree with the aid station products? If they don’t work, how will you carry the food you need on race day?

  • Pistol Challenge

    The pistol is the deepest single leg squat there is, requiring the most range of motion in the ankle, knee, and hip. In this first attempt you are going to practice by squatting down as low as you can with your heels and big toes pressed together. Can you squat down pain free? Do you need to hold onto something for balance?

    Spend a few minutes playing around with this position. You may need to mobilize further just to be able to get into this deeper squat, so don’t be afraid to do that too!

  • Advanced Run

    4-6 miles easy.

    Friday easy run is a time to enjoy running and get ready for your long run!

    Total: 4-6 miles.


10+ minutes working on something (because we all need a little work on something extra!)