Marathon Program

Week 13 | Marathon Day 86

Drills & Hills

Time: 40-60+ minutes..

Work continues this time blending a running drill routine with a run over rolling and hilly terrain. Run technique is still the focus but so is your run conditioning for the rest of it…especially for those of you preparing for longer distances 🙂

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  • Warm up

    Run 10 minutes building from an easy to moderate pace. Posture, cadence, and breathing focus per usual! This is also a great time to clear your head from the stresses of the day and really focus on your task at hand!

    TIP: if you run regularly with headphones, take them out every once in a while and LISTEN to your feet ????

  • Get Moving

    3-5 minutes of a dynamic warmup goes a long way! Especially at this stage in the game!

    Squat: 10-20 times going from wide to narrow stance.

    Hip Circles: 10 in each direction per side.

    Downward Dog to Pushup: 5-10

  • Drills

    This drill sequence will keep your running sharp and focused in this last month. Not only designed to “wake you up” these drills add a conditioning element, especially for your feet and ankles. Choose an ~10-20 meter section of a path or better yet go barefoot in a grassy field!

    Toe Walking: 1/3 each of the section, walk toes straight, toes turned in, and toes turned out.

    Heel Walking: 1/3 each of the section, walk toes straight, toes turned in, and toes turned out.

    High Knees: 50% high knee the first pass. 75-100% high knee the 2nd pass.

    Butt Kicks: 50% butt kick the first pass. 75-100% butt kick the 2nd pass.

    Carioca: big hip rotation as you step over and under laterally facing each direction.

    High Skips: skip progressively higher with big arm circles forwards first pass, and backwards arm circles the second pass. Skip high and swing big!

  • Run

    Run the remainder of the time at a steady to moderate pace over rolling to hilly terrain. Every 5 minutes include a set of one running drill that you need to work on the most, i.e. probably the one that feels the most awkward ????

  • Advanced Run

    Threshold Run

    2 miles EZ
    Walk 2 min
    2 Rounds
    15 min (Target Pace: Half Marathon)
    3 min Active Recovery between rounds
    Walk 2 min
    2 miles EZ

    Miles: 7

Cooldown & Mobility

Cool down with 3 minutes easy running or walking

3-5 minutes per leg rolling out your quads and IT bands.

***The run isn’t “over” until you finish your mobility***