Marathon Program

Week 13 | Marathon Day 91

Fun Run- Next Level

Today’s a day to choose your own adventure. For you runners who are more competitive and distance focused, today’s an important day to get more mileage in. That’s right you are our “next level” crowd and will want to follow the directions below.Otherwise, today’s fun run is a chance to get outside and move and enjoy being an athlete as much as a runner! So choose your activity, go for a run (or not), or otherwise get after it with the below run 🙂

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  • Next Level

    Run: 7-9 miles.

    This IS an opportunity to get an extra run in for those who want to add a fourth run into the program. Regardless of what you do, we encourage you to keep the spirit of today, enjoy yourself, and play the day’s training a little bit by ear.


  • Advanced Run

    Easy Shakeout + Hill Intervals

    30-45 min EZ shakeout (30 min if you are feeling beat up)
    Rest 5-10 min
    4-6 Rounds
    20 second moderate speed hill interval
    Rest as needed between reps.

    • Hill intervals should be moderately paced. Not a sprint, not a jog.
    • Goal of hills is to safely re-animate muscles after tough week.

    Miles: 5